Thursday, April 28, 2005

Back in the USA

So I made it to Paris for my last night in Europe. Got in about 4:30 PM so I had a few hours to walk around paris to hold on to the good times I had in The EU. Had dinner and some wine and then walked to the Pompadaue center and museum. A great building that the french hate, but I liked the views from the windows in the museum, and it has by far one of the best modern art collections in the world. I enjoyed my afternoon in paris and headed back to the room to relax.

The morning was hetic trying to get to the airport and through the horrific line to check in. The subway ride took longer than I thought so there was a point where I thought I wouldn't not make my flight. Luckily I moved through the line and made it through security. Walked to the gate to board the boarding bus for the plane.

Long flight, but I had and isle seat which is way better than a window seat. My perannial favorite for flying is the window seat but I am switching to the isle from now on.

Arriving in LA was like a wierd dream. I didn't feel like it was real. It was smoggy and there was no unique architecture to draw the eye. But it is home so I am glad to be back.

Adjusting for a few days I am now trying to tidy up documents, check mail, say hello to people that barely remember me and in general become a productive citizen. More to come and pictures to post.

Thanks to all that made this trip possible. The next one will be soon, I hope.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Arrived in Geneva from bern this morning. Wanted to stop of in leaseanne, but I was tired and didn't want to pay 7 sf to store my things for an hour, so I hopped on another train to Geneva. Its rainy here, but I like the city alot. It feels french here and the city is beautiful. Went to the museum of arts and strolled througt the picture galaries. Walked a little in the rain and took the tram back to the station where my train to paris will take me off. I hope to spend another few hours exploring paris befor I leave. I am not ready to go back, but time is passed.

It by far has been a great trip. Many stories to tell and places to boast about. If you do Europe, take a least 2 months. there is just too much to see.

For now, I am off to exchange my leftover swiss francs to euros (cant the swiss adopt the euro, it would be so much easier for travellers) and then catch a fast train to paris.

See everyone soon.......


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bern and zurich

Switzerland is a small county but beautiful. Bern is nice and small so I was able to see the city and have half a day to explore Zurich. Zurich is a great city. It feels rich but not beverly hills rich. The swiss are very nice. Was able to walk around town and then feeling like home, I saw a movie. The merchant of venice was a good film. English with both french and german subtitles. Lots of words on the screen but it was nice to see a movie for a change.

Tommorrow I am off to Geneva for half a day and then back to paris for the night. Flying home and not really wanting to. I could travel for a few more months, but I miss everyone. It is going to be weird going back but I had a great time.

I am off now as my last of swiss francs are ticking away. I tell you. Switzerland is expensive. This post is costing me alot so enjoy.........

Ciao for now.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Salzburg and Switzerland

Ok its been awhile since I posted, but Switzerland is so expensive and internet access requires a bank loan just for 20 min. I had an amazing time in Salzburg. The city of motzart and the sound of music was a rainy one. I took the touristy sound of music tour, just because it was a bus tour and I was tired of walking in the rain. It was good and I learned alot about the movie which was filmed in salzburg and I guess a true story. I also did a motzart concert at the fortress which was very good. Its off season so the room was not packed but it was good.

The next day was a long travel day with 4 trains from salzburg to Lauterbrunenn which is in the valley of the swiss alps. It was a nice train ride and a great place to spend a few days. Really relaxing I was able to take trains and gondolas to little alp villages and do some hiking. It is their between season Winter and summer being very busy, so aside from some tourists, I had the place to myself.

Short ride to Bern, the capital of Switzerland, it is a small big city. The old town is walkable and it is a university town so it feels young and vibrant. Went to einstins house and saw the famouse bear pits. Going to check out the city over the next few days and then it is off to paris, and then I will be home on the 25th. To be honest I am not looking forward to ending this journey. It has been amazing and fun and I am alreading planning my next trip. Europe is a great and easy place to travel. I recommend it for every one.

Well the swiss francs are ticking away. will post audio later today.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Venice and Salzburg

Great 2 full days in venice after a night trian from Rome. Venice was packed with tourists, but I arrived at 6:00 am and was able to walk the streets empty. I would recomend venice early in the morning as the Venicians open their shops and are the only ones on the vaparettos (water bus). Was able to see all the top sites and museums. THe accidamia gallary in Venice is Amazing. I went early about 8:30 when it opened and litteraly had the entire museum to myself. I met one of the security gards, Victorio, who was very nice. We chatted about venice and america, and it was a great experiance meeting a friendly local.

I took a few side trips: to Mureano, famous for making glass. Saw a glass making demonstration. A short train ride from venice in Padua. A university town that has a good museum and the famous Scrivelli chappel which is covered by the works of Giotto, the renissance master. Anyone who knows art will appriciate this visit.

After a long 2 days in vencie my feet hurt, from walking and standing alot, and I was ready for my night train to Salzburg. Arrived early (6:00am) and was able to check into my hostel. Salzburg it a nice city that is easy to walk around in. Going to relax the rest of the day and more of Salzburg tommorrow, including a Motzart concert at the Halzburg fortres.

I am off for a bier. Austia has some good beer I am told....

Averdersain for now.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Rome Audio Post

this is an audio post - click to play

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Roma day 2

Too much to see in Rome. Did the historic Coloseum and forum and the trivi fountain today. Lots of walking and the subway seems to get more crowded. Off to dinner and and stroll through the city. Dodging the killer vespas crossing the streets is a definate experience in Rome. Very touristy neer the trevi fountain, but hey there is alot of tourist here. The capital museum is realy nice. The views from the terrace are worth the 7.80 euro alone. This area deserves a good day at least but I was hungry and tired so I got a fromaggio panini and walked to the trevi fountain which was packed with everyone in rome. Had a great chocoleto gleloto and headed to the sardine(subway) station.

Ciao for now.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Made it to rome tody with little fanfair. The trains are speedy and was only 10 min late. Rome is very busy and crazy. I though Paris was crazy but Rome is Paris on Crack......Went to the Borghase Gallary today and it is by far one of the best museums I have seen so far. The subway is efficient but busy. I felt like a sardine on the way back to the hostel today. I have 2 full days in rome and alot of city to see.

Off to bed early for an early day tommorrow.

Ciao for now.......

3 days in Florence

What a great city. Florence deserves at least a week. but I saw alot of amazing art and churches. The weather has been great for the last 2 days after a rainy sunday. I just went to the uffizi Gallary which is the best place to see art in Florence. It was by far amazing. I am off to Rome in an hour and its time to do laundry and relax this afternoon. Hope its not to crazy right now. But its rome.

Ciao for now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Audio Post from Florence

Check out the quick Flornece post. Will post from Roma in a few days...

this is an audio post - click to play

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Florence in the rain

Made it to florence today. 3 Trains but they were all on time. Travelling by train is easy. Florence is hectic and busy with tourists and their umbrellas. The rain is here but hopefully it will clear up. Walked the streets and checked out the Duomo. But will have 3 more days to see everything. Now I am off to the rainy streets again.

Check out the next audio post in a day or two.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Cinque Terra

I arrived in Italy yesterday from Nice on a reginal train that stoped at every coastal town on the Liguera. Long trip but well worth it. The Cinque Terra is 5 small towns that hang on the coast of norther Italy. It is truly amazing here. There are paths between the towns that you can hike. I had a great time in Nice but only had a day to have fun. The B and B La tettoria is the best place in Manarola. I have a great sea view and a nice room. The food and wine are the best. This area is so relaxing and beautiful......

Of to the city of art, Florence tommorrow. It should be amazing....

Cao for now.


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Nice is nice

Just arrived in Nice, France after 2 great days in Provence. Arles is a great city with museums and roman historic sites to see. Avignon was great although I only spent 1/2 a day there. Saw the Popes palace and Avignon bridge. My hotel was on the river rhone right where Van Gogh painted 150 years earlier.

The train ride to Nice was on time and not too bad. Got asked for my ticket twice. I guess I don't look like I belong in first class. Now I am going to check out Nice and relax. Headed to Cinque Terra tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

2nd Audio Post

Wrap up of Paris and Arles with a little Avignon for flaver......Check it out..

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Paris is Amazing

My last day in Paris has been great. The last few days I have been going like a bat out of hell. Armed with a carnet of metro tickets, a map and 3 day museum card, I am dangerous. I was able to see all the great sights and museums, walk the streets and hang out at the cafes. I feel like Hemingway in the 20's. Joi de vive......

There is too much paris to see in 4 days but I gave it a go. The subway is easy to navigate and most of the places are easy to get in and out of. Getting used to mumbeling in french to get around. Most people are very helpful and speak enough so we can communicate.

I am off to Arles in the morning. Time to validate my railpass and see more of Europe. Check back soon.

I miss you all. I hope all is well back home,

Post scripte

Luckily I have cnn at the hotel so I have been follwing the pope situation and hear he has past. Thoughts and prayers for Papa. Now when I am in rome it should be historic.......

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Primer Audio poste from France

Click abouve to hear my first post from france. check back as I will post every few days.

this is an audio post - click to play

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Bonjour From France


Well I made it here without a glitch. Paris is amazing. The flight was long but I had some time to rest. I am still a little under the weather, so It has been hard keeping up the energy to do all the things I want to do in Paris. I was to go to the Louvre on Friday afternoon, but by the time I got from the airport to my hotel and checked in I was tired. I love the city. I saw only a little yesterday, but mastered the metro.

I am feeling sensory overload, but I am adjusting. I realized how much french I don't know. My study of the languege the last few months seems to be gone from my memeory, however I am improvising.

I was able to take care of some things yesterday, so today I am off to the louvre and have some fun....