Sunday, March 06, 2005


I started posting podcasts today. My weekly podcast, iclectic, is a cast that has somthing for everyone. My first cast sounds like some hack ham radio rant that was dumped to an old 8 track. Yes I am new to the artform and there is a slight learning curve. I promiss the content and breavity will be checked in future icasts so that you will actually want come back for more.

Why podcasting? It's much like amature radio. Anyone with a $10 microphone, a blog and host space on the web can podcast. I have been listiening to podcasts for awhile now and I didn't know it. Once KCRW started podcasting, I wanted to learn more about it. So litterally in a weeks time I have become a Podcast Junky. The market for podcast is ripe for corporate homoginization, and yet only 6 months old this is the future of on-demand audio content from the web.

There is nothing new about downloading audio in MP3 format. Nor is there nothing new in listening to radio content on your ipod. I started by tapping the Real feed from KCRW to hear some of their segments and reviews with musicians and authors. Little did I know I was a consumer of a podcast. So what is new about this? The distribution methods. Adam Curry of MTV fame started with an Apple Script program that would look at Rss feeds for embeded matirial on a periodic basis. Thus saving the trouble to check your favorite blogs or web sites for new mp3 casts.

Is podcasting going to kill radio? No. But what it will do is give consumers (geeks right now) a choice of programming that has never been available before. There are only a number of radio stations and most of commercial radio is the same. So now we have the opportunity to pull media off the web and load our Ipods (or simular devices) to our hearts content. I personally like hooking up my mini to the car stereo for my commute time and at work.

There are tons of resources for Podcasting so I will save the posting of my experience (or lack there of) for a latter time.

If you are interested check out They have a open forum of users who post their blogs chalk full of ideas on how to podcast.

I am sure Howard Stern is safe and will not go out of business anytime soon due to this new craze, but I can tell you Internet will be the defining bell weather of new technology and content delivery and one day in my lifetime, we will see a true marketplace of media that will be affordable, profitable and most importantly independent and diverse.

My 3 cents on podcasting for now. Thanks for tuneing in.

Please check- out my very first podcast and let me know what you think. You can link to the blog that is hosting the podcast by clicking on the link or going to



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