Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Fever

The World Cup is finally here. With months of anticipation the opening game was not a disapointment. Germany vs. Costa Rica was a great match to watch and I hope it has set the tone of games to come. Being in America, we are disadvantaged by the time difference and thus the games being played during the morning and afternoon. I have a "No Scores" policy for anyone that I talk to during the day because I want to see the Games via my trusty Tivo. Everyone has seem to caught the World Cup fever, so it is hard not to hear whats going on, but I am sticking to my policy, because noing the outcome of the game makes it no fun to watch.

Germany looked good yesterday. Their defense is suspect, but they should make it far this year. I think Italy has a good chance to take it this year but Brazil seems to be the perrinial favorite.

In any event, the next month should be exciting and we will have some temporary football fans here in the us at least for the summer.

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