Monday, April 18, 2005

Venice and Salzburg

Great 2 full days in venice after a night trian from Rome. Venice was packed with tourists, but I arrived at 6:00 am and was able to walk the streets empty. I would recomend venice early in the morning as the Venicians open their shops and are the only ones on the vaparettos (water bus). Was able to see all the top sites and museums. THe accidamia gallary in Venice is Amazing. I went early about 8:30 when it opened and litteraly had the entire museum to myself. I met one of the security gards, Victorio, who was very nice. We chatted about venice and america, and it was a great experiance meeting a friendly local.

I took a few side trips: to Mureano, famous for making glass. Saw a glass making demonstration. A short train ride from venice in Padua. A university town that has a good museum and the famous Scrivelli chappel which is covered by the works of Giotto, the renissance master. Anyone who knows art will appriciate this visit.

After a long 2 days in vencie my feet hurt, from walking and standing alot, and I was ready for my night train to Salzburg. Arrived early (6:00am) and was able to check into my hostel. Salzburg it a nice city that is easy to walk around in. Going to relax the rest of the day and more of Salzburg tommorrow, including a Motzart concert at the Halzburg fortres.

I am off for a bier. Austia has some good beer I am told....

Averdersain for now.

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