Monday, April 04, 2005

Paris is Amazing

My last day in Paris has been great. The last few days I have been going like a bat out of hell. Armed with a carnet of metro tickets, a map and 3 day museum card, I am dangerous. I was able to see all the great sights and museums, walk the streets and hang out at the cafes. I feel like Hemingway in the 20's. Joi de vive......

There is too much paris to see in 4 days but I gave it a go. The subway is easy to navigate and most of the places are easy to get in and out of. Getting used to mumbeling in french to get around. Most people are very helpful and speak enough so we can communicate.

I am off to Arles in the morning. Time to validate my railpass and see more of Europe. Check back soon.

I miss you all. I hope all is well back home,

Post scripte

Luckily I have cnn at the hotel so I have been follwing the pope situation and hear he has past. Thoughts and prayers for Papa. Now when I am in rome it should be historic.......

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