Saturday, February 18, 2006

Random thoughts today

I have been thinking about blogging on a daily basis. There are many stories for me to talk about on a daily basis, but I just don't put enough time to my craft. I have been wanting to blog about new services out that i have been trying for my blog and productivity. Services like and Rojo's new feedshare deserve a full write up. Some times I feel like jotting down an initial reaction and then a full analysis later. Then I get busy or lazy and time goes by.

I am truly passionate about blogging and I read too many feeds about blogging. That is one of my problems is that I read, but don't post. It takes time to sit down, put the words down and link back to all the goodies I see on the net. In any event, I hope to bring more to my blog than the once a week or twice a week posting frequency.

Switching topics--

Been watching the Olympics on the telly and enjoy the freedom Tivo brings. record all the coverage and scan through the stuff I like. Only problem is I can record HD yet so the quality is not the best. The Olympics have been good, but Soccer has been great the last few weeks. Serie A in Italy is top notch and there have been some great matches on FSC showing the EPL.

I went to the Getty museum on Thursday evening to catch a lecture on the National Archives and the conservation of our national treasures. Getty does a great job by inviting interesting speakers to talk about art, research and conservation. Those who live in the Los Angeles area are lucky to have the Getty to host these events. The speaker was a director at the Archive and she gave a great lecture on the history of the Archive and how recent conservation efforts unfolded. I am a big fan of art and often sign up for these free lectures. You can see what's going on in the next few months by visiting the getty web site.

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