Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dailysonic does it again - the revolution of podcasting

Dailysonic is a great Podcast that has news, culture and serial episodes from a young group of talented producers. I have been listening to them for awhile and love their style and hipness. This week they released a new feature that I am sure will be copied within the podcasting world. They are now offering custom editions of their shows where you can mix and match segments into your own version of dailysonic. This news and segment type of podcast is great for this type of distribution.

So what can you do? You can choose from a dozen or so segments they produce for each show and order them as you like. News, weather, science and music segments are mainstays in the dailysonic roster, but you can also throw in Fuck you robot or Whats up with... some clever and entraining segments.

My first experience was great with this easy to use interface. You basically set up an account, create an edition and add segments you want in your edition. I decided to exclude news and weather since I listen to my dailysonic when I get a chance and thus may be outdate. I decided to put Fuck you Robot at the top because it the best segment produced by the dailysonic crew. Once the segments are selected you can get the rss feed and add it to Itunes or whatever your podcatcher is. Subscible, download and listin.

I hope dailysonic gets credit for this innovative way of distibuting podcasts. They are leading the future of user driven media.

Great job guys!!!!

Update: Please Digg this story about Dailysonic. They deserve the press.

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