Thursday, December 29, 2005

Why I continue to read his blog

Dave Winer, the author of one of the oldest blogs know to man is often opinionated and passionate about many topics, but he keeps you coming back with premium content and great perspective on the world today. I criticized his statement about Itunes being crappie software and sometime disagree with his point of view, but Dave provides some of the best content in his blog that you get get your hands on. I read many blogs throughout the day (made easier by RSS), but I continue to go back to Scripting News to see what Dave has to say.

Not only does Dave have strong opinions on what goes on with RSS, Podcasting and Technology, but he has a big heart when it comes to current events and the world around us. He recently visited New Orleans to find out what was going on months after the Katrina catastrophe, and his reporting via his Blog, Podcasts and photo-stream on Flickr and provided a genuine documentary of the struggles of real people.

I also ran across a story about LibriVox (link here), a community online project to record and make available audio books that are in the public domain. I like that Dave finds these little gems and shares them with his readers. It shows that his opinion and arguments are followed up by solutions and alternatives.

I often disagree with Dave and will post my opinion because in this new world of grassroots publishing and new media we can all be involved in the conversation. That being said, I keep coming back to Dave's work and I commend him on what he does.

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