Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blogging from 35,000 Feet

I am currently in seat 24K on a flight to Frankfurt Germany on route to Florence Italy. Internet access is nice to have when you have 9 hours to kill. I just wish my battery life was that long.

A long travel day will get my into Florence at about 2:00PM local time on Friday. My first day will be light, but I have a busy schedule beginning on Saturday.

Interruption: they just served my Veggie meal. Time for dinner.

Flying tip: Order a Veggie or special meal ahead of time from the airline. You will get served first and won;t have to wait for dinner.

So dinner is down and I am enjoying Becks beer. Its funny when I flew Air France I was drinking French Wine, and now German Beer. Good thing the Mormans don't have an airline, I would be stuck with water.

The seats in economy suck, but the food is not bad. I had a veggie burger type thing with rice and vegetables. fruit and a salad. It is almost time for bed. After-all it is well past 2:00 am in Italy.

Check back soon I may post after breakfast......

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