Sunday, October 30, 2005

Go Flock Yourself

The blogosphere is an amazing thing. I happened upon a great new blog by accident this week. I was on Scoble's new wordpress blog when I linked to the wordpress home-page. One of the top blogs listed was Flocksucks. I had been using flock for a few days and was wondering why someone would build an anti-flock site so quick. After all, Flock is in super early beta. From what I can gather Flocksucks is not an attack on Flock per say (although there does seem to be a personal connection to the attack on flock) but a commentary on the "Web 2.0" phenomena that people all over are stroking themselves over.

Self love aside, the web 2.0 think has been debated lately amongst the blogorati and there seems to be a backlash over the new web. I am an observer who has little investment in web 2.0. There are many smart people that have lived through the 1999 web bubble and you can argue both sides of the new bubble debate, but what I find refreshing about Flock sucks is that it pulls no punches in it's commentary. Much like a blossoming writer finding his voice, Flocksucks often misses with amateurish attacks that add little value to the debate, but mostly has it right with the well written debate of web 2.0 bullshit.

I like new products and services that make life easier. I like the Ruby on rails look that the 37signals and yahoo have pulled off lately, but at the end of the day I want services that will be around in a few years that add value to my blogging and web experience.

The nice aspects of web 2.0 is that we all can have a voice and publish thoughts and commentary. Some of it is fun banter and trolls playing in the fields but much of what we consume is a vital thread of how the web and web services can shape our lives.

Later in the week I will talk more about Flock, Wink, Yahoo's travel planner and other new products I have been looking at.

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