Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Browser Wars

Many remember the good old days of browser wars where Microsoft and Netscape would battle for the best. These days its the Mozilla Firefox team against the big giant. Firefox is an obvious better browser, but M$ still has a huge market share. Mean while a little company has been making a browser for 10 years. Opera is a cross platform browser that gives Firefox a run for the money.

This is not a complete review in any stretch of the imagination. I downloaded Opera yesterday to test it out, and my initial reaction is good. I like the interface and I am exploring the features now. Firefox is a great browser with lots of features, but I may switch over to Opera soon.

The downside to Opera is it is Ad supported. They did have a promotion for a free key to honor their 10 year anniversary, but it was only good for today so I wont bother posting the link.

Anyway. As Internet and web 2.0 becomes more focused in our lives, tools that we call browsers today will play a very important role in how we conversate and do business.

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