Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk: The Skype killer?

So Digg and all the sites posted Google's new IM solution was available for download. The IM client is called Google Talk and it can turn out to be the Skype Killer.

So I guess all the rumors that the big G will buy Skype is kinda dead. Well Google has the advantage of always having traction, so a lot of people will be talking about it. Even Microsoft's team is talking about it.

Over the next few days people will be giving reports of the easy of use and light footprint that Google talk offers. I unfortunately cannot attest to all those easy of use features, because once again Google has ignored the Mac and Linux communities. Now I know there is a small install base, but it's Google, I am sure they have some money to hire a Mac developer. yes it's frustrating to be a minority in the OS sphere, but hopefullly these companies will not succumb to the evil M$ empire by supporting their monopoly.

Scott Rosenberg at has a good write up of this issue.

Update: Another good post from apophenia :: on this.

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