Tuesday, August 16, 2005

RSS mess and MicroGoogle

With all the talk about RSS in the blog-O-sphere it is interesting to see what will happen. Yes RSS is still edgy. With only geeks and psudogeeks using it, it is not worthy of mainstream. It does bring up valuable points that people can learn from. How do you make something techie non techie? It is a difficult problem that can be solved with easy to use tools like bloglines or start.com. But the big problem is getting over the nomenclature. Email is easy to explain. The web is easy to explain. Why is RSS so hard to explain? What M$ calls RSS doesn't much matter to me. I know what it is and how I can use it. What is in a name anyway?

I do agree that it has traction and should remain consistent, but you can never tell what will happen. It should be interesting.

Another side note:

Scoble announced a Blogger tool for Word so all you spammers can use your pirated copy of word to create more spam blogs. Thanks Google and Microsoft. You just made Mark (icerocket) complain again.......

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