Sunday, October 09, 2005

Google RSS

Looks like Google's new RSS reader has been getting some heat since it's been out. It is interesting how Google works. They put out stuff with little fanfare and let users beat it up. You can say Gmail was successful, but what else have they released that is a great product? Gtalk? I can't even use the full service because they don't have a Mac client. Google Earth? It may be cool (google maps is) but again I can't use it. Google Blog search? Seems like it is not as good as google's normal search. Well you get the point. Google puts stuff out and people flock to it. Most of the techies bash it and move on while others praise Google for their inventiveness. I wonder when Google is the next Microsoft and people hate them? Get too big and you become unmanageable. Look at the government? Should I say more?

I have been using Googles RSS reader for a few days and I have had varied success. Importing is slow but I was able to get my feeds in. The system was slow on the first day and I did get a few errors, but who doesn't have launch day glitches? We will see how Google does with it's beta RSS reader, but some have to wonder how much it will take for google to take over the world?

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