Thursday, September 29, 2005

Where are the words

It's been over a week since I posted. Busy at work leads to little sleep leads to getting sick leads to no energy to think or write. I lose at least a week when I am sick because I cannot function under the slightest of colds. So I have been sleeping at going through the Tivo queue catching up on all my TV musings.

Since the new TV season started I have been setting the Tivo up to record my favs. CSI, the OC and a new one Lost. I slept on lost last season, but I saw the first 2 episodes this week. Looks like a good show so far. Anyway I love the Tivo, because I can do stuff during the week without being glued to the TV (I am usually glued to my mac) and catch up on the weekend.

Too bad Tivo will go away eventually. I just hope whatever replaces the service will be comparable. Or lets hope Tivo doesn't go away.

Anyway I am feeling a little better (being on day 4 of my 6 day sick cycle) I should be better next week. I have a lot to do at work and here at home so the days should fly by and it will be November and time to go to Italy.

Speaking of Italy, I need to do research for my nephew for his trip to Venice. Off I go.....

Update: Not 2 seconds after I posted this I got 2 comment spams. I have had a few comment spams in the past, but this is wierd with 2 right after I posted. I wonder what is up with that? I know it happens alot, but blogger needs to do somthing about this. Google spend some money on your blogging service so your loyal users will not have to look for a better service (oh yeah you google gods will rule the world some day....good luck)

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