Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Light Posting -time for reflection

It's been a week of news and reflection. We should stop and reflect on our lives when others are suffering. The devastation done by Katrina is much more than land and cities. People are suffering and lives are changing and we all can say a prayer for those who are now the displaced and destroyed. I don't pretend to know suffering in the vein of so many people, but I can hope and meditate for our brethren.

As the media and politicians play the blame game, there are people on the ground making a difference. My hat is off to those who volunteered in order to help save lives. It is the people that give without prejudice - people who care- that will in the end define a great nation like ours.

People around the world watch as those who can help do and those who can't give money, but we should not be judged nor shall we judge what went wrong when there are bloated bodies that need to be buried and flooded homes that need repair. Our leaders will be judged in the end, but a time for rescue, repair and rebuilding must come. I say not who is to blame but how can we learn from this event.

In a few days or weeks the medias spin cycle will continue as the usual story's grab the headlines, but I hope no one forgets the people that need help. Their story on the ground is more compelling that any headline news and in the final analysis we all care because we are human.

What is left but hope. Hope for a new tomorrow and hope for a better country.

Like Forrest Gump says "That's all I got to say about that"

More tech stuff later in the week. Goodnight for now.

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