Saturday, October 22, 2005

Flock me Amadeus

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So everyone is buzzing about Flock. The new webish 2.0 app that melds the best of browser, rss, photosharing and social bookmarking into one nice little (albeit buggy) application. Super special beta testers let this one out in the wild so Flock decided to give us no names in the blogorama a try. Labeled a developer pre .5 build the caveats of hell and fire make sure users understand they are working on getting this baby ready for primetime.

Speaking of Primetime most bloggies will come up with catchy or clever titles (I am not immune to this decease) like "Meet the Flockers" or "What the Flock", but the name is catchy and sticks in my mind so they did a good job on naming the product, but what about the meat of this bird?

So far I downloaded it on windows and tried the Browser and RSS functions. Clean browser experience and I like the RSS view, but I still don't see how I can manage 400 feeds with this? I am still playing with the RSS now at home on my Mac, so I will reserve judgment on the RSS experience until later.

One of the interesting features is the blog tool. A light weight blog editor with a flicker tool that makes it easy to add pictures to your post. Attached is my niece and nephew in Rome. Nice touch, but my first post died on the vine and never made it to my blog. Crash and burn on windows (yes Flock people don't go all "Lost" on me I know it is pre-beta). So I though I would give it a try on the Mac version. (note to self save draft now or better yet copy and past to document for safe keeping).

Let me post this bad boy and see how it works....See you soon

Update: So it posted,but I am yet to edit a post. Anytime I bring up a post it hangs and I have to force quit. So I am editing this in the blogger interface.

Some things I would like(that are probably on the list) tags that work and spell check. Not sure what the tags feature does on the blog tool but I though it would create technorati style tags on the fly much like Etco. Anyway I will play with this more, but so far I like the concept. The question is can they deliver a Flocking killer app the doesn't crash?

Check out their getting started page here

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