Monday, January 09, 2006

Football (Soccer), Folks and Fun

I have a dirty little secret that many don't know about me. Nothing for the page 6 crowd, but I have been a football fan for awhile now. Since I am sitting in North America, I will have to qualify the word football to mean Soccer. I have always liked soccer, but I haven't really supported a club until recently. The casual match on TV would catch my interest and when the world cup was here in USA I was really into the football world, but I recently went to a match in Florence and am now a Viola supporter. Seeing a game in the smallish Fiorentina home stadium is amazing especially when they are playing to a sold-out crowd and sparring with the Rossineri (AC Milan). I instantly took to Italian football. It was an amazing game with the Viola supporters being vocal and the action thick. I decided since my love of Florence has grown to an obsession, I will adopt Florence and support the Viola.

Since my return from Italy I have found GOL TV and Fox Soccer channel on my cable box. Tivo is now my best friend; I can now record the live matches and watch them when I get up. I have been following most of the games in the Italian League (Seria A) and catching up with the English Primer League (EPL).

The Viola (Fiorentina colors are purple or violet hence the "Viola") are my favorite team in Italy, but I also like Intermilan and Roma. I been catching alot of Chelsea games and I am impressed with their run. Of course everyone loves a winner, but I have also been routing for Aston Villa, a mid table Birmingham London team who play at villa park Highbury. Don't ask me why I like AV, but I every game I have enjoyed watching them play.

Update: Thanks to comments from Simon for the correction on Aston Villa's location and field. I need to do more research if I am going to be a true supporter.

Spanish football is world renowned with all their large talent pool of international players. I like watching Real Madrid because they have so much talent. Like all high profile teams, they are in the middle of a self implosion. Fifth in the table, they seem to be sliding this year. But hey who doesn't like Ronaldo or Beckham?

Most of what read and do is focused on technology or database applications, but I love my FFF. Football, Folks and Fun.

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