Thursday, March 02, 2006

RSS and Blogging

I have been trying out some new tools for RSS and Blogging.  Bloglines and Ecto have been a staple here at the old camp, but I am always looking for new goodies.  So  I am trying out Qumana blogging software and Lektora RSS reader.  I will let you know in a few days what I think, but this blogging and RSS space is huge.  What to use???????????

In another note, I found on lifehacker a cool little trick to get your gmail email lists to form into atom feeds and read with a password compliant reader.  Here is the very helpful article.  I set up a quick feed in NetNewswire for mac and it works great.  Drawbacks that are pointed out in the article:

  • Need a password authenticated feed and associated feed reader that will handle it - read no bloglines

    • Gmail does not provide full text feeds - that sucks.......

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