Friday, February 24, 2006

I want my Google Office or Google live or whatever you want to call it now!

Ok so I am posting too much about Google, but it is about time we talk about what they are doing. It appears with every little app they release, they get closer and closer to a office suite that would bring all the elements together.

Richar McManus writes about online office suites in his zdnet blog, and makes some good points for an online office productivity suite. We know Microsoft is developing office live and there are tons of web 2.0 companies that Techcrunch can point you to in this space, but I want an integrated application, that does everything. Mail, Calander, bookmarks, photos, blogging, RSS Reading, Wiki and chat.

Yes this is a big task and many companies do some of these things really well, but I hate going from one service to the other to get things done. Call me lazy, but in this wonderful world of web 2.0, I want to have my lazy Sunday, (because NBC has evil lawyers, the took down the NSL version so I linked to the Amature version) Lazy Monday and chill in Lazy Muncie.

The question is now how but when

Everyone knows google will take over the world eventually, so lets open up the Google piggy bank and buy all these best of bread services. Mix in some crazy glue and you have your web 2.o suite that require 1 login and all interact with each other and of course use offline cacheing just incase you are not connected to the googlenet.

This of course will put Mike out of business, but maybe he can join valleywag and stalk billionaires.

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