Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bern and zurich

Switzerland is a small county but beautiful. Bern is nice and small so I was able to see the city and have half a day to explore Zurich. Zurich is a great city. It feels rich but not beverly hills rich. The swiss are very nice. Was able to walk around town and then feeling like home, I saw a movie. The merchant of venice was a good film. English with both french and german subtitles. Lots of words on the screen but it was nice to see a movie for a change.

Tommorrow I am off to Geneva for half a day and then back to paris for the night. Flying home and not really wanting to. I could travel for a few more months, but I miss everyone. It is going to be weird going back but I had a great time.

I am off now as my last of swiss francs are ticking away. I tell you. Switzerland is expensive. This post is costing me alot so enjoy.........

Ciao for now.

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