Monday, March 06, 2006

Italian Serie A

Got a chance to watch some footie this weekend and I am pleased with the results. Juve and milan seem to have the top spots well tied up for now, so I was interested in Fiorentina (I am a supporter) and Roma's fight for the last champians league spot. Fiorentina was able to take care of neighbor Siena, but Rome was a late goal from Inter away from getting 3 points. The results? Fiornetina is in the last spot and I hope they can reamin there. Rome had a hot run, but with Totti sidelined and getting checked by Inter this week, Fiorentina should be holding the bag for the next few weeks.

Italy looked good mid week against Germany in Florence for the world cup warm ups. The combination of Toni, Del Piero and Ghildarino (and if Totti makes it back) could result in a good trek in the June festivities. Let's see how US will do against Italy the second week of June in Kaiserlaturen.

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