Sunday, April 24, 2005


Arrived in Geneva from bern this morning. Wanted to stop of in leaseanne, but I was tired and didn't want to pay 7 sf to store my things for an hour, so I hopped on another train to Geneva. Its rainy here, but I like the city alot. It feels french here and the city is beautiful. Went to the museum of arts and strolled througt the picture galaries. Walked a little in the rain and took the tram back to the station where my train to paris will take me off. I hope to spend another few hours exploring paris befor I leave. I am not ready to go back, but time is passed.

It by far has been a great trip. Many stories to tell and places to boast about. If you do Europe, take a least 2 months. there is just too much to see.

For now, I am off to exchange my leftover swiss francs to euros (cant the swiss adopt the euro, it would be so much easier for travellers) and then catch a fast train to paris.

See everyone soon.......


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