Thursday, April 28, 2005

Back in the USA

So I made it to Paris for my last night in Europe. Got in about 4:30 PM so I had a few hours to walk around paris to hold on to the good times I had in The EU. Had dinner and some wine and then walked to the Pompadaue center and museum. A great building that the french hate, but I liked the views from the windows in the museum, and it has by far one of the best modern art collections in the world. I enjoyed my afternoon in paris and headed back to the room to relax.

The morning was hetic trying to get to the airport and through the horrific line to check in. The subway ride took longer than I thought so there was a point where I thought I wouldn't not make my flight. Luckily I moved through the line and made it through security. Walked to the gate to board the boarding bus for the plane.

Long flight, but I had and isle seat which is way better than a window seat. My perannial favorite for flying is the window seat but I am switching to the isle from now on.

Arriving in LA was like a wierd dream. I didn't feel like it was real. It was smoggy and there was no unique architecture to draw the eye. But it is home so I am glad to be back.

Adjusting for a few days I am now trying to tidy up documents, check mail, say hello to people that barely remember me and in general become a productive citizen. More to come and pictures to post.

Thanks to all that made this trip possible. The next one will be soon, I hope.

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