Thursday, June 02, 2005

Almost Friday and still no podcast

I know I don't have a big following if at all, and my podcasts have been sporatic at best, but I am getting it together. This weekend I will have a podcast in the can and on the site. I have been listening to many podcasts. Its nice to see Podshow has the gillmore daily the return of Steve Gillmore and hopefully the Gang. I've also been listening to Dave and Adam and of course the great content from IT conversations.

It has been an interesting time since I have been back. At first I was just living like jello, but now I am back having ideas about how technology will change the world. I know I am by no means a expert on any subject but myself, but I am much like a sponge letting my Bloglines RSS buddy bring my knowledge from the world and the blogosphere.

I am excited about what is happening in the blog and podcast communities and the future of the next big thing is still yet to happen. How all this applies to my living or making a living is still in the amature stage, but from how Lawrence Lessig defines amature, I may want to continue that state -

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