Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Nice Weekend but not too productive

I had much to do on this holiday weekend, yet I didn't get much done. Going out and relaxing at the beach took me away from research and podcasting time. I need to make a podcast this week. I just ordered the Iriver 795 for my Mobil rig so I can use that this weekend to make my weekly podcast.

Doing a lot of listening of podcasts like DSC and MCN and a lot of ITconversations. Learning about RSS and the blogosphere is interesting because before podcasting I really never paid attention to bleeding edge stuff. I am using my Bloglines RSS feeds to learn what is up in the world and I love it.

Its official: I am an information Junky......

I have some thoughts on podcasting, but I will wait to make it clear, besides who am I? Do I have a right to observe and make predictions on the future of tech? How do you become a Technorati or pundent of all things cool.

I don't know but I have a lot of work to do........Life is fun...I just need to make time for my written word and of course podcasting because I know you all miss my random Iclectic podcast....

Cheers for now.....

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