Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Changing how we deliver content

I am looking into budget options for my podcast feeds and using blogger as one of my tools as a front end for my daily stuff and podcasts. I used tripod as an experiment early on because it was free and I wanted to see how I could set up a podcast. I swithed to a test .mac account in order to upload more data. I found ourmedia from listening to a podcast from IT conversatoins ( Our media stores all kinds of content for anyone who wants to sign up. Partnered with internet archive, our media stores tons of stuff for creative people that want access to this media with little entry cost. Larry Lessig's concept of free culture rings true, at least for now. We will see how it will pan out, but for me I am willing to try it. But I always seem to remember the old saying " You get what you pay for" and since I am not paying for anything I don't expect to get much.......

CHeck out our media at A crappy UI, but I know they are working on in.

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