Friday, June 24, 2005

Audible Junkies get your fix

It looks like is getting itchy with all the podcasting news lately. They just started a summer sale with all audio books just $9.95. Good deal and very addictive. If you are like me, you joined audible to get $100.00 off an ipod, the deal they currently have, and in the six months I have been a member, I have purchased many times that in audio books. The subscription is a deal at $15.00 a month, but after you start listening to audio books, you want more.

Podcasting is free and there is good content out their but a well written audio book is a treat that is well worth the money especially if you buy books when they are on sale. There is a lot of buzz in the sphere about audible and what is next. I am confident they will adapt to the marketplace. I know I enjoy audio books and technology makes it easier to manage the content.

Anyone who reads or enjoys podcasts will like to try audiobooks. I defiantly recommend audible for that service.

postescript - Itunes currently has a deal with audible to distribute their content through ITMS. Don't know how it works when there is a sale, I always buy trough audible though.

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