Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why new itunes will kick Ipodder's ass

I have been using both ipodder and ipodderx for several months now and like both to some degree, but there needs to be an easier way to get podcasts I want. Usually I check Itunes to see what downloaded and sometimes I have to start Ipodderx to get it going. I also tried to add a OPML (thanks dave) file from ipodderx to ipodder, but it wouldn't import.

Each software team is working hard to add functionality and ease to their respective software packages, but I think if Apple gets it right, then the podcatching clients will be a footnote in the history of podcasting.

I listen to many podcasts and need a better way to oganize what I have listened to and what is in the queue. Integration into a flexible app like itunes is the key. And for those of you that downloaded bad apple plug-in for itunes and hosed your host file, be patient. We all have faith in Jobs and his feel for what the market wants.

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