Sunday, June 26, 2005

ibook: to buy or not to buy, that is the question

I read the Apple rumor sites on an daily (more like hourly, thanks dave for RSS) basis and have been trying to get a beat on what is next for Apple's product line. I want to get an ibook, but is well overdue for a refresh. I bought my G5 IMAC in November and it now has been refreshed since. So I am reluctant to buy a computer that I will get a better value for in a few weeks, but if I keep waiting for technology then I will always be waiting.

My friend bought a refurbished 12in Ibook this week an I am tempted to do the same, but I have a feeling next week there will be news. I know they are going to announce something on or before July 8, but can I wait??????

I am not worried about the Intel stuff. That is a year away and in that time if I feel I need a new computer (read only MAC from now on) then I will see what products are available then. But for now, I want to have a laptop and the ibook seems right for me.

What to do????????

I will wait until July 7th and if nothing changes I will get a new Ibook.

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