Sunday, June 26, 2005

Microsoft: So what's the big deal???? (cool shoes though)

Anyone who follows blogging, podcasting or RSS knows by now that Microsoft has embraced RSS in versions of their new software. This was the big announcement this weekend that got Scoble all excited and even had Dave Winer embrace the big M. SO what's the big deal? Apple is way ahead of MS on this. They added RSS support in Tiger a few months ago, and will have podcasting support in Itunes next month. This is the same old late to the party but use the maglomania Marketing Machine to woo the crowd. Is it good news for RSS? Yes. But do we need Microsoft to embrace technology in order for it to be legit?

I am glad MS is working with the community to get the RSS in Windows longhorn right. I just think that creating hype is just smoke and mirrors for the geek crowd. The real story will be if and when they release products with RSS, will it be useful.

RSS is a great technology and we have to thank Dave for all his work but lets not get too excited because Microsoft is on board. They may change RSS for good.

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