Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why Flickr Rocks

Many of you may use flickr or have heard of it. Most people that blog, use rss or have a pulse know that flickr is the ultra cool photo sharing site that blows any other photo site way. Flickr is a great way to share photos and find photos that are relevant due to the tagging system they use. I have found a few non-traditional ways to use flickr that might or might not be good.

You can use Flickr to:

1. See what's going on with the current ubercool event like the geeky "Gnomedex". There must of been 100 pictures up on flickr with the tag Gnomdex the day of sign up. I got to experience the conference 1800 miles away.

2. This one is theory: catch your significant other doing something they are not suppose to. So lets say she/he goes out to a concert and lots of people are tagging pictures with that concert name. You scan the pictures and happen to see him/her with someone else. Far fetched but it could happen.

3. Find yourself in someone else's pictures. Like playing where's waldo with tags.

4. Visit the world......(search for tags like "Florence" "Rome")

5. Find some amazing pictures........It's a great community......

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