Thursday, July 14, 2005

Book Junky or should I say info Junky

RSS has turned my need for information into a habit. I find myself reading less, watching TV less and podcasting less. So I decided I need some separation time away from my RSS reader. Yes Bloglines and I have come to the point where we need "alone time" from each other. I know all the feeds will be there while I'm away but I need to balance my time in doing research for writing projects, reading for pleasure and podcasting.

I enjoy doing many things and I have often labeled myself as "Jack of all trades, master of none," which now I am trying to get closer to ".....master of some," whatever "Master" means.

Today I bought a few books, which I don't really need, since I have many books started that I need to finish, but as a Book Junky, I let myself get caught in Barnes and noble and you can't just browse. So I bought "The Historian" which is getting a lot of buzz and a paperback "Michelangelo's Notebook" which looks like another Da Vinci Code knock off (I am a sucker for loosely based historical thrillers) but readable.

Audiobooks is another addiction I have acquired lately and those who don't think Mr Katz's (CEO of business model doesn't work, trust me, I didn't think it did but was I wrong. Now I am a big Audible fan and wish I had more time in the day to fill my brain with podcasts, news, information, literature and music......Too little time.......

I hope my experiment will work, and I will spend more time flipping the pages of a good book and being a little more analogue.

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