Friday, July 01, 2005

Wiki Wiki Wiki - Fun Fun Fun

Thanks to the folks at we have a community wiki to hash out all the new features and issues that Itunes 4.9 has brought us. I still reserve final judgment until I use it more and get tips from others. I know there has been a lot of pushback from the podcast alley folks as well as podnova, but I think for a first go at it they did pretty well. Much can be improved, but I hope Apple is open to take comments from those of us who don't have the last name of curry. It would be sad if one podcaster represented us all, no offense Adam.

So far it seems to be successful with over 1 Million downloads ( or subs) within the last 2 days. Server bandwidth burning up........

Until we can see how it will all shake out, here is the link for the already useful wiki. Log in and add your stuff.

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