Saturday, July 09, 2005

Odeo is out

[dave winer] reports odeo is out in the public. My first reaction was to dismiss it since Itunes does everything I need, but as a podcaster I wanted to make sure my podcast was on their listing. Did a quick search, but like Itunes, I was relegated to the non-added podcasts even though I am on all the major listings now.

No problem I will just add myself. Odeo had a simple account creation page and I was up and running in minutes. I was able to add my podcast on the fly and it is available now. What a great experience in adding a podcast to the directory. Automatic, not autocratic and no review process to queue up for. I am happy evan and the team made the UI for podcasters easy. I will have a full review of the product in my podcast remix podcast in the future.

First looks are impressive, but I downloaded the sync manager for Mac osx and it doesn't work. Patient I am says yoda. Beta It is.

We will see what happens once they get all the bugs out, but the first impression is good. Check out odeo here

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