Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter is Good for us?

Last night after a great Thai dinner I went to the Grove in Los Angeles to stroll and window shop for a nice summer evening in California. The Apple store is a major attraction there, so I stopped by to see my ibook that I want to purchase. Across the way is Barnes and Noble, and if you know me, I can never pass up a book store, so I walked across the way to visit all those words.

The Grove is a popular place and the B and N is usually busy, but last night it was a madhouse. I felt like I was at Disneyland or it was Halloween. Many young and old were dressed as witches, hogwards famous characters or my favorite in school girl uniforms. Oh yes, the Harry Potter book is released at midnight. Not a good time to bye a book and get out, but what I found amazing is the energy and excitement people have for this series of books. Books are not cool. When I was growing up Atari ruled over books, but now I am an avid reader and a book junky. It is refreshing to see kids (and adults) get into reading. It is important for us to keep the basic fundamentals of learning pure as technology implants itself into our society.

Reading is fun and I know for most kids it doesn't stack up to Xbox or PS2, but I hope there are more titles like Harry Potter to inspire a generation of literature fans.

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