Monday, July 18, 2005

Who likes cspan?

I started a blog called confessions of a cspan junky some time ago. I haven't posted much there since it is politically focused and I have been jaded by the process. I have from time to time watched cspan and some of the subcommittee meetings of congress. It is a fascinating process to see representatives and senators get information from sectors of our government. I just watched a hearing on boarder patrol and homeland security which brings to light many issues with a porous border. It is hard to make judgments on what we should do on such a big problem, but it seems to me any problem of that magnitude (any problem in general really) is not a binary process.

I don't have any thoughts on this today, but I am interested in seeing how this world can be managed better to make sure we are secure without infringing rights of humans. A hard task to take on.

In other news, I have a few items for a podcast which should be up tomorrow. Thanks to all who has subscribed to my feed.

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