Thursday, July 21, 2005

New Features in my Blog

I have been playing with the simple template provided by the generous folks at Blogger (read Google). I don't do much coding aside from SQL, so I have been fumbling my way through updating this blog. I want it to be professional yet have enough fun stuff to make it unique.

A short list of items I have been adding:

* One Click Subscriptions - Podcasts
I wanted to make the process as easy as possible to get my podcast. I look at my parents as the litmus test to determine if something is hard to get on my blog (Dad still doesn't know what a blog is).

* One Click Subscriptions - Blog posts
see above

* Flickr stream - my photos
I know it seems amateurish, but if it works for technorati, it works for me.

* Photo for header
I got tired of the plain back ground so I added a photo from my Europe trip. It is streached out so its hard to see what it is, but it is a photo from inside the pompiduo center in Paris - see Eiffel?

* About me section - I wanted a mission statement for this blog.

* Blog Tags from - I wanted for people to see my tags on my blogs for easy reference without going through all the archives. TagCloud looks like a great service.

* Blog roll - Provided by
My favorite RSS reader that is web based (read take it anywhere). Nice little script so anyone can see what I am reading in the blog world. Its a good way to start a network - Its all about Folksonomy baby!!!!!!

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